This was my AP Computer Science Final Project. It is a platform game with two modes. The first mode is Single Player Mode. In this mode a player navigates, Jumpman, the main character of the game, through up to ten levels to try to collect as many coins possible. The number of coins you collect determines your score. In Two Player Mode the first player navigates Jumpman, while a second player navigates Jumpmanā€™s assistant through up to ten levels designed so that it can be completed only by the teamwork of Jumpman and his assistant. In both modes Jumpman will encounter enemies called Joombas. These enemies will kill Jumpman if Jumpman collides with them on the side. Jumpman can kill these enemies by jumping on top of them. Jumpman will also get powerups that can make him immune to enemies.


This game is special in that users may create their own game field using plain text files. creating a 12 line tall text document, the user can type in specific letters corresponding to a certain type of block and a game field parser will interpret the textfile and create the game field from this text file.