Intelligent Health AssistantPROJECT

This purpose of this project is to develop a monitoring and alert system to help people to maintain their proper sitting position. The chronic neck pain problems often complained by my dad and his friends who sit in front of monitors for extended period of time at work had triggered my interest to explore way to help them. By using my WII fit board and the CV (computer vision) library available from Intel Developer Lab, I've written a java program to create this monitoring and alert system.

The screen shot above shows the radial icon with the "color" dot at the center representing the user sitting at a calibrated proper posture and sitting position. When user starts slouching, the red will move off the center position and indicating to user that he/she is likely not sitting at a proper position and posture (off the calibrated position).

Heads Up DisplayHUD

User is sitting on the WII fit board. The weight readings of the four pressure sensors in the WII fit board are monitored by the program wirelessly via the "Bluetooth" link between the laptop and the board, hence the change of the sitting position can be detected and calculated. The screen shot above shows the dot at the radial icon center is in white color, it represents a calibrated position (proper sitting position.

As the user is getting tired and starts to slouch. The dot in the radial icon will turn "Red" to show the degree of change in the sitting position. The sensitivity can be configured with a excel table.

Control PanelCONTROL

The program has a control panel to allow user to use a grid graph to show the sitting position also. The dot at the center of the grid represent the calibrated sitting position.

Computer VisionCV

CV button at control panel allows user to turn on the webcam to show how the program is tracking the size of the face, hence to determine if the sitting position changes against the calibrated position.

The size of tracking box has increased to show the user is leaning toward closer to the screen, it shows the user is sitting more a head forward position against the best calibrated posture/position.

Personal ReminderPUR

When the user is sitting at an off-centered position for a time period exceeding a programmed time period. The program will issue a popup alert message to user.

Excel ConfigurationsCONFIG

The sitting posture monitoring parameters can be set with an excel table.