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The purpose of the eye exercise program is to slowly train and strengthen your eye muscles to consciously control the way your eye sees, far or close; relaxing your eye muscles or contracting your eye muscle. Some of the exercises include using lenses, forcing your eyes to focus and relax, and the reading of paper charts along with the lenses. The paper charts compose of rows of many random letters and require the patient to use the lens to read from the chart, letter by letter.

These exercises usually require an aide to point out specific letters for the person doing the exercise to read and to check if the letter is read correctly. This is not only time consuming but is also tedious for the aide. Noticing this dilemma, Alric Siu had created a program on the computer to not only adjust to the font size to make it the same size as the hard copy sheet provided by the doctor, but it also chooses random letters for you. You type the letter you think it is on the keyboard and the program notifies you if the letter is right or wrong by a green or red flash accordingly, it also records down at the end of the exercise how much you got wrong and right.

This program had turned this exercise from a two person task to a one person exercise. This program has made this exercise a lot more convenient and useful as I, a consumer, no longer have to wait for assistance to fit their schedule in order to do this exercise, or sometime even skipping this important exercise because of the lack of assistance.